【Recipe】Avocado Banana Sherbet

Worry Free Icy Summer Treats So you want cool, icy treats, but worry about chemical additives tagging along? Now you can take back control! Just grab yourself three natural foods: avocado, banana, and soybean milk, and make yourself a healthy, zero-additive, fresh fruit ice cream—right at home!


With no emulsifiers or solidifying agents, the fresh fruit ice cream melts faster, so it’d be hard to maintain that icy creamy texture without constant cooling. But worry not, for we have the ChillTHAT! ice cream bowl! Its sealed-in cooling solution effectively prolongs the ice cream’s frozen state so you can eat healthy, eat in style, and never again have to race aginst time.


■ Ingredients

1-2 Avocado
1-2 Banana
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp Soy milk
Mint leaves

      ■ Instructions

      1. Pit and pare avocados
      2. Peel bananas
      3. Squeeze some lemon juice, and blend thoroughly.
      4. Freeze overnight.
      5. For an easier scoop, use ScoopTHAT! II. To keep it colder for longer, use ChillTHAT!