【Recipe】Creamy Vanilla Boneless Chicken Leg Fillet

Chef Colin from Man’s Kitchen 1+1: the dish is served!

To ready our boneless chicken leg fillet, we shopped, deboned, froze, and thawed our chicken legs—using ThawTHAT! Modern, of course. Now it’s in prime condition, and ready to roll! 

Panfry the chicken using our master chef’s handy tip and get golden, crispy skin with ease, not to mention springy, tender, juicy meat. Just one bite and you’ll feel the burst of aroma… you gotta give this a try!

#Thanks to Man’s Kitchen 1+1 for the recipe!


■Ingredients, Main Dish

1 deboned chicken leg
1 shaving of unsalted butter
1 sprinkle of salt
1 sprinkle of black pepper
2 sprigs of rosemary


■Ingredients, Garnish

1 potato
3 stalks of broccoli
3 cherry tomatoes
2 ears of baby corn



1. Remove frozen chicken from freezer and defrost using ThawTHAT! Modern
2. Evenly sprinkle some oil onto the chicken
3. Heat pan and oil, then panfry the chicken leg, skin side down, over high heat
4. Once the skin turns crispy, flip to fry the other side
5. Take out frozen butter and quickly shave some off using the SpreadTHAT! butter knife
6. Add the butter and seasoning to the chicken
7. Once the chicken is cooked, sprinkle on some black pepper and remove from pan.
8. Arrange onto dish along with the sides and serve!