【Recipe】Iced Milk Tea

Start off your day right with this smooth iced milk tea!

 Make frozen milk cubes. You can do that in just 15 minutes with FreezTHAT! Then mix the cubes into black tea. This not only adds a hint of taste but also cools the scalding hot tea very quickly.

With FreezTHAT! at home, serving drinks at whatever temperature you want is now a reality!

■ Ingredients
black tea
    ■ Instructions
    1. Pre-freeze FreezTHAT! overnight
    2. Pour milk into FreezTHAT! and cover
    3. Leave it (at ambient temperature) for 15-20 minutes
    4. Release the frozen milk cubes with a gentle twist
    5. Pour the cubes into your black tea
    6. Voila! Your iced milk tea is ready to be served!