FreezTHAT! Frozen Treats in a Flash!

Remember the last time you forgot to refill the ice cube tray and had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for the water to freeze?

A group of award-winning designers at THAT! Inventions is launching a Kickstarter campaign to rethink the traditional ice cube tray. The result is FreezTHAT!, a beautifully engineered piece of kitchenware that freezes liquid in just 10 minutes.


The secret lies in the tray's unique mold shape, along with the cooling fluid sealed inside its flexible, silicone body. The cooling fluid stores up cold from the freezer and rapidly releases it back into the tray, enabling a truly rapid freeze.

The result? You can make elegant, triangular ice cubes, infuse them with fruit and herbs for lively cocktails, whip up frozen chocolate treats, and much more – all in just a few minutes.

“Ice cube trays are something that we never pay much attention to, and often sit deep inside our freezer,” the designers at THAT! explained. “There have been a few variations in the past, mainly slight changes in the mold shape, but the overall experience has been the same.”

With FreezTHAT!, you can surprise your guests at your next house party. Super early backers will receive a FreezTHAT! tray at $15. The product is expected to ship by June 2016.

The crowdfunding project can now be found on Kickstarter: