THAT! 2018 Ambiente Frankfurt, Post Show Report II

Addressing real issues

lets us provide the best drinking experience.

In this year’s Ambiente Frankfurt, THAT! Inventions formally launched a new series of beverageware, hoping to provide improved drinking experiences to customers around the world.  In everyday living, numerous issues affect how people drink.  Food safety concerns, for example, force people to watch not just what they drink, but what they drink with.  Consumers also think about the environment, so more and more people choose reusable over disposable glasses and cups.  Yet these are just the beginning.  Beyond that, people go for personalization, resulting in widely varying beverage selections and entire suits of beverageware.  People don’t just want to drink what’s right—they want to drink the way they like, in comfort, in style.

Having taken the time to truly understand the natures of metals, glass, and ceramics, the THAT! Inventions Design Team set forth and developed a series of attractive, hardy, safe and environmentally friendly beverageware.  Designed with worldwide suitability and individual drinking habits in mind, these new products focus on “beverage temperature” and “taste preservation” as developmental core values.  THAT! Therma series of thermal cups feature models using three different inner flask constructions, namely enamel, non-stick ceramics, and heat-resistant glass.  They each feature acid/base resistance, the ultimate in beverage tolerance, and the flexibility to use for coffee, tea, or juice.  In addition, they resist aftertaste and are easy to clean.  THAT! ChillGlass, on the other hand, features dual-wall glass construction, with special food grade chilling fluid inside.  Once pre-cooled, it’ll maintain coldness for a variety of beverages, without the risk of taste dilution from melted ice.

With specialty drinks available across the globe and a worldwide trend towards local consumption, more people are using personal beverageware to address differences in food culture.  But whatever the trends and differences, temperature and taste will always be consumers’ top priorities.  As such, we anticipate our new 2018 beverageware series to provide the best drinking experiences for consumers around the world.


THAT! Double Wall Glass comes in three styles, categorized by use: Weizen Glass (right), Pint Glass (middle), and Lager Glass (left).  All feature dual layer glass construction, minimizing the effect of hand warmth on the beverage inside.  The large mouth design also helps diffuse the fragrant beer aroma.

THAT! Chill Carafe (on the cutting board) and THAT! Therma mugs, together on display during the Show.

Newly announced products from THAT! Inventions garner widespread accolade from around the world.  In particular, agents and distributors from South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East show especially high interest levels.  This goes to show that for emerging economies, attention to quality of life is on the rise.

About Frankfurt Ambiente

Germany’s Frankfurt Ambiente, founded in 1949, is the world’s largest, most representative international consumer show, covering 3 main themes: dining, giving, and living.  It showcases all the latest trends in design and innovation and is closely watched by gift shops, houseware providers, and retail stores the world over.  Official numbers for the 2017 show indicates that 4396 companies from 96 countries gathered under its roof for this magnificent event, while 140,000 people from 143 countries came to peruse all that it has to offer.  Of these show goers, more than 55% come from outside Germany.


Show Information:

Time: Feb 9 to 13, 2018

Location:   Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

Booth #51, Hall 1.2

Official Website:


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