THAT! ChillGlass

that Cool Fresh Summer Taste!

This summer…. One Glass Rules Them All!
Raise a toast to THAT! Inventions’ engineers as they present their summer creation—THAT! ChillGlass—to drink lovers everywhere! This unique double-walled glass, designed for beer and whiskey, takes that cool, refreshing feeling all the way!

Blazing the trail in developing innovative, convenient kitchen and dining wares, the team at THAT! Inventions centers its efforts around user experience as it integrates forward design, advanced materials, and premium craftmanship. Beyond their unique styles and thoughtful conveniences, THAT! products meet food safety needs and are environmentally friendly.

Starting last year, THAT! began making its mark in the beverageware market with a unique series of products that each combine forward aesthetics and daily practicality, including THAT! Chill Carafe and THAT! CoolStick. So now everyone can experience THAT! magic—be they drinking icy cool refreshments or heart-warming brews—and be rewarded with better convenience and greater joy.

Early this year, THAT! centered its presence in Germany’s Ambiente Frankfurt around how it can improve the drinking experience. It focused on two key points—temperature and taste. Building on THAT! Inventions’ unique knack for combining innovative technology and tasteful avant-garde design, it formally launched the product series that would optimize drinking experiences the world over.

THAT! ChillGlass, recognized as a premier rising star at Ambiente, displayed a profound understanding of how people drink beer and whiskey. It satisfies the pervasive need for keeping these drinks cold—without diluting—and provides the only sensible solution: let the glass take care of things!

With a handsome, eye-catching design, crystal clear hand-blown borosilicate glass body, and the strength to resist acid, base and heat, the ChillGlass plays well with any drink!  Between its dual walls lies the high-performance cooling liquid that, once pre-frozen, will stay cool for a long, long time—without power or ice.  Plus, the entire THAT! Inventions Chill series is approved by SGS to meet global safety standards, including FDA USA, and Germany’s LFGB.  There are no heavy metal residues, and no worries over health and safety issues.

On top of everything, THAT! ChillGlass comes with its own cork sleeve!  This handy accessory not only avoids collision and slippage, but also absorbs glass sweating and makes glass holding far more comfy.  It’s this kind of intuitive attentiveness to user needs that makes THAT! stand out in the vast sea of beverageware companies.  And the same kind of ingenuity that, time and time again, makes jaws drop in awe, gasping: “Wow! THAT! is amazing!”

THAT! ChillGlass