THAT! Inventions’ Therma Glass/Enamel/Ceramic Series Arrive in Style!

THAT! Therma—with Glass Inner Flask

The very first products from THAT! Inventions’ vacuum-insulated thermal cup series—THAT! Therma Glass/Enamel and THAT! Therma MiniStor—are available now for the Summer of 2018! Take refreshing coolness with you no matter the sweltering sun, hydrate yourself proud with a reusable, Earth friendly bottle, and stand tall as the unique quality and design speak for your style.

THAT! Therma series features a highly efficient double-walled vacuum insulated construction that keeps your drink as hot or cold as when they got in the bottle—thus keeping the great taste!  In addition, the inner flasks’ acid/base resistant material holds all beverage types with aplomb, so you can set your mind at ease, no matter the drink. The exceptional exterior design further exudes the clean, modern style that THAT! does so well.  It’s just the perfect accessory that goes with everything, whenever, wherever!

THAT! Therma—with Enamel Inner Flask

THAT! Therma—with Glass or Enamel Inner Flask
The ultimate in versatility for thermal cups.  Whether it’s coffee, juice, milk, or tea, with Therma, just pick up and drink up!  No matter how often you switch, there’s no worries over residual taste. No matter how long you take, just twist the cap and you won’t lose the taste!  THAT! Inventions’ thermal cups feature double-walled vacuum insulation and let you choose between heat-resistant glass and enamel coated stainless steel for its inner flask.  Both are acid/ alkali resistant, bacteria resistant, and easy to clean.  And both feature simple, modern lines, subdued coloring, and uncompromising style.

THAT! Therma Ministor—your mini thermal cup!

This baby is so portable, it’s absolutely adorable!  Ultra small and light, it’s ultra convenient and doesn’t get in the way.  Whether it’s daily commuting, weekend field tripping, or just plain exercising, the Therma Ministor is your best friend!  With its food grade ceramic treated inner flask, it’s acid/alkali resistant, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean.  And with both mouthpiece and caps made from food-grade Tritan plastic, it’s healthy and safe.  There’s even a mini storage space right inside the cap, so your supplements or tea leaves are always within reach.  While the special sand-blasting exterior treatment keeps the bottle comfy to hold and fingerprint free, the selection of chic coloring—graphite black, olive grey, coral pink and sky blue—shows your styles in vividly vibrant ways.