THAT! Makes its Frankfurt Ambiente Debute

THAT! Inventions, which centers its products around the “sensation of warmth," is known for combining innovative designs, material technology, and lifestyle aesthetics.  Ever since its beginning, it has amazed European and American audiences alike with its series of wildly innovative kitchenware, like the SpreadTHAT! butter knife and the ThawTHAT! thawing plate.  In 2015, THAT! became the first company ever to win both the GIA Best Collection Design and Best Product Design awards at Chicago’s International Home + Housewares Show.  This February, for the very first time, THAT! shall attend Ambiante at Frankfurt, Germany, celebrating the world’s largest annual consumer product gathering together with the best brands in kitchenware.

How do we provide superior food preparation experiences for today’s busy consumers?  THAT! Inventions introduces a series of non-powered, smart kitchenware, made using high-entry-barrier material technology and infused with composite materials, artistic design, and everyday aesthetics.  These products include the ThawTHAT! defrosting tray, which thaws frozen foods under natural conditions in less than half the time; the SpreadTHAT! butter knife, which easily spread cold butter by body heat transferring; the ScoopTHAT! ice cream scoop, which easily scoops even the hardest ice-cream; and the HeatTHAT! ChillTHAT! dual series of platters and containers, which keep foods warm or chilled on the dining table so one can have more time to enjoy one’s cuisine with elegance and ease.

THAT! Inventions, founded just two years ago, achieved success not only in North America but also in Europe, where people highly value lifestyle and taste.  From France and Italy, well known juggernauts in cuisine, to northern Europe’s Denmark, famed cradle of simplicity in design, from televised media to retail stores, THAT!’s ice cream scoops, butter knifes and thawing boards received nothing but high praise.  THAT! Invention’s Swiss distributor, which specializes in knives and kitchenware, even provided THAT! products to its own professional chefs.  The result?  From product design and ingenuity to product quality and durability, accolades were given all around!

As the brand grew in reputation around the globe, in 2016 THAT! introduced a line of high-end merchandise, dubbed the Deluxe Series, that melds high precision craftsmanship, boundary crossing materials, and next generation manufacturing.  Their subtle yet elegant universal design satisfies those with more exquisite taste—those who pursue deeper levels of beauty and perfection.

In February 2017, THAT! Inventions shall unveil its new product lineup at Ambiente, the Show, in Frankfurt.  Product designs for the year center around beverage temperature, paving the way for a whole series of cups, pitchers, and related accessories.  The new products would serve to maintain flavor, lengthen time for beverages to stay at ideal drinking temperatures, and provide a better drinking experience overall.  Also at Ambiente, the brand new Deluxe Series shall be showcased in Frankfurt.

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