that Mug—the enamel thermal cup that hit its sales target in just 8 minutes!

This Spring, "that Mug" made its appearance on as the world’s first enamel thermal cup. Hitting its sales target in just 8 minutes, its incredible success speaks volumes for the team and its dream: to make change in life with a touch of design.

Back when we were kids, we were often taught the importance of drinking water. And now that we’ve grown, we have come to truly appreciate its health benefits. But at the same time, we’ve discovered how our water containers have problems that we did not see: the existence of heavy metals, inability to maintain temperature, incompatibility with lemony drinks… and so on. So we released our inner designer, whipped out the technological prowess we’ve accumulated over so many years, and set out to develop a simple, carefree, take-it-and-use-it thermal cup and everyone will want to bring along. With this conviction—and two years of hard work—the Mug cup was born.

A world first, the "that Mug" features a unique, patented “wrap-around enamel coating” process to completely covers the inner flask. Enamel is incredibly high-performance in heat-conductivity, temperature maintenance, and acid/alkali/corrosion resistance. "that Mug" unibody construction, with enamel coating fully covering the mouthpiece as well as inside the cup, allows it to safely contain all types of beverage—for less worry, more peace of mind. Conveniently, enamel is also very easy to clean and leaves no odor or residues, making it even more suited to your needs. Say goodbye to the cold, hard stainless-steel mouth on your thermal cup! Say hi to the warm and cozy enamel feel—and start each day happy!