THAT! Thermic Magic Swept Japan, Yielding Stellar Sales over GW Long Weekend

Wow!  THAT! is amazing!  Japanese housewives went bananas over Golden Week for THAT! Inventions’ made-in-Taiwan kitchen and dining-ware, purchasing 4.2 million yens’ worth of products in just the first 30 minutes!  Amazed by this incredible performance, the shopping channel show host immediately booked THAT! for the next showing!

Taiwan’s THAT! Inventions, pioneering its own brand of dining and kitchen ware, went against the grain and booked in for an early May appearance with QVC Japan, the nation’s second largest TV shopping channel.  The fact that much of Japan would be travelling that day—as the show aired smack in the famed Golden Week travel spectacular—more than made for a challenge, but sincere recommendations and flawless, professional presentations from Koji Kakei, a 15-year veteran shopping channel host, and Yukiko Tamura, a well-experienced comedy celebrity, still wowed Japanese consumers with THAT! captivating magic!

ThawTHAT! Modern and ThawTHAT! Deluxe were first up on stage in this tour de force of “convenience gadgets that use thermal transfer to save you time.”  As the host gasped and exclaimed at the sight of ice melting—in rapid time—before his very eyes, the production crew brought on frozen steaks, salmons, scallops, and other luxury foods, and showed how ThawTHAT! Modern’s quick-thaw technology resolves the sanitary concerns of defrosting food under running water and avoids the texture breakdown and nutritional lost that microwaving can precipitate.

After the thawing spectacular, the hosts showed off the SpreadTHAT! butter knife and ScoopTHAT! Li’l Dipper.  Together, the products made 4.2 million yens in sales during the short, half hour show!  Right there and then, the show host invited THAT! for another live broadcast in July, enthused as he was for THAT! products’ awesome sales potential!

THAT! Inventions’ Japanese partners were elated with the outstanding performance achieved at this debut appearance on Japanese TV.  Excited with the opportunity to provide the Japanese market with such beautiful, modern, convenient, and useful wares, they look forward to bringing in the brand’s beverageware series with fervent anticipation.  These, they hope, will likewise capture the imagination of Japan and create yet another “THAT! mania” in this land of aesthetic elegance and refined taste.

THAT! Inventions
Blazing the trail in developing innovative, convenient kitchen and dining ware, the team at THAT! Inventions centers its efforts around user experience as it integrates forward design, advanced materials, and premium craftsmanship.  Beyond their unique styles and thoughtful conveniences, THAT! products meet food safety needs and are environmentally friendly.


Founded in 1986 in the United States, QVC is now the largest TV shopping company in the USA, with globe-ranging subsidiaries.  Daring to be different by eschewing the exaggerated methods used in traditional TV shopping, QVC is firmly committed to its principles of Quality, Value, and Convenience.  QVC takes care to present product features frankly, often inviting product development and sales representatives to demonstrate their products live on TV.  It even opens its phone lines for viewers to ask questions directly about the products that they see.

ThawTHAT! Modern

ThawTHAT! Deluxe

SpreadTHAT! II