Ambiente Solutions Collection | ScoopTHAT! Deluxe
Ambiente Solutions Collection | SpreadTHAT! Deluxe
Ambiente Solutions Collection | ThawTHAT! Modern
Ifema Best Gift of the Year Award | ThawTHAT! Deluxe
Red-Dot Award | ScoopTHAT! Deluxe
Hermes Epitek and CymMetrik Group became major investors
The first company to win two major IHA Global Innovation Awards
GIA Best Product Award | ScoopTHAT! II
GIA Best Product Award | HeatTHAT!
Excellence in Kitchenwares Innovation Award|SpreadTHAT! II


GIA Best Product Award|MeltTHAT!
Good Design|HeatTHAT!SAKE
IF Award|SpreadTHAT! Deluxe
2012 IF Award、Red-Dot Award|ThawTHAT!
2013 IF Award|ThawTHAT! Package