Therma MiniStor

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  • Special sandblasted bottle surface feels great, holds firm, and stays fingerprint free.
  • Food grade ceramic coated inner flask is easy to clean, anti-bacterial, and resistant to acid and alkaline
  • Top grade food-safe TritanTM cap is removable and easy to clean
  • Filtered mouthpiece keeps tea leaves at bay

Food grade ceramic coated inner flask is easy to clean
Anti-bacterial, and resistant to acid and alkaline.

SGS-certified for FDA for safe contact with food

Use and Care
  • To prevent leakage, please ensure that the cap is tightly screwed on before and after every use.
  • Please take extra care with hot beverages and place them beyond young children’s reach to prevent scalding.
  • Avoid overfilling your ThermaCup and keep your drink 2.5cm below the opening.
  • Please be sure to empty and clean your ThermaCup after every use. Keeping drinks in the cup for prolonged periods may result in food decay and produce gas, accumulating pressure that may damage the cap. Such and future drinks may then spew out and result in scalding or injury.
  • The upper cap storage space is great for stowing smaller, heat resistant dry foods that may be used throughout the day, such as health supplement tablets, tea bags, and other items used for making drinks. Not recommended for foods vulnerable to moisture, as they may decay within such space.
  • When used with dairy products (milk, latte, etc.), carbonated drinks, or fermentable beverages (e.g. soybean drinks), please treat the ThermaCup as just a regular cup and do not cap. Such drinks, when sealed in an enclosed space for long periods, may initiate chemical reactions, produce gas, and accumulate pressure. This may then damage the cap and lead to leaks, injury or scalding.
  • When cleaning, please use only soft cloth, soft brush, and mild detergent.
  • To avoid damage, please do not place the product in a microwave or oven, and avoid placing it near heat sources such as fireplaces or direct flame.
  • Do not drop, strike, or otherwise subject your ThermaCup to collision. Such actions may result in dents and depressions along the body, which in turn may compromise the vacuum insulation and the bottle’s performance.
  • As photo illustration technologies may not convey actual colors properly, any pictures are for reference only. Please see actual products to determine product coloring.

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